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The Sketchbook

Sometimes an idea just needs to be seen. Sometimes an idea is fantastic but turns out not quite right for the brief. And sometimes a project is just for the love of the game.

A fictional cannabis farm / e-commerce site.

Lazy Afternoon

Logo, brand concept, strain-specific product images, e-commerce website.

pw: lazyafternoon

ilovecreatives SDC final project

Ruth Gray

Artist portfolio built to showcase the archival work I’m doing to preserve my grandmother’s work, most of it left behind in slides and negatives rather than as a complete collection.

pw: archiveproject


At various points in my life I’ve fantasized about becoming a florist. I created a fictional florist company (with storefront) and built out its website on Squarespace. I had a lot of fun with photo curation (I scoured Pexels and Unsplash) and designing a site to showcase those visuals.

pw: dahlia

ilovecreatives SDC final project

Interactive Pitch Deck Website

I’ve designed a lot of pitch decks over the years — for films/series as well as corporate and nonprofit funding — and, especially for a creative pitch, I wanted to see how building a deck out as a website rather than a pdf would allow me to take advantage of how most people look at decks these days (scrolling through their laptop or phone). I wanted to create a sense of momentum with scroll triggered animations while reading through. I built this for a fake project and enjoyed going through to pull visual inspiration.

Let’s build your dream (web) home