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Articles & resources for anyone who manages their own website.

Why I’m not using generative A.I. in my business

AI isn’t inherently good or bad. But here’s why I’m not incorporating generative AI tools like Chat GPT, Dall-E, Midjourney (or even the AI tools within my beloved Notion) into my business.


Identifying and tracking keywords is a huge part of SEO (or Search Engine Optimization). But there's a way to optimize your website and content for search that doesn't involve keyword tracking.

DIY-ing your Actor Website

What needs to be on your actor website and does anyone even look at them?

All About Alt Text

More social media platforms and website builders are making it easier to add and manage alt text — finally! How to write good alt text, when an image description is needed, and more.

Don't forget to check your address

So often overlooked, slugs can have a pretty big impact on your search ranking. Even if SEO isn’t a primary concern for your website, optimized slugs can make your website easier to use.

5 Don't-Skip Steps when Uploading Images to your Website

I always want to make things easier. So if I’m adding extra steps to my workflow, it’s because they’re worth it. These 5 steps are essential.

Three ways to customize your Squarespace site in under five minutes

These tips may be small, but these customizations are little details that can make a site feel polished. Plus, they’re all pretty quick, so you can add some near-instant gratification to your day.

Glossary of Web Jargon

This is by no means a complete glossary of web design jargon, but it covers a bunch of terms I use throughout this site. Wish one was in there? Let me know!

Invite the visitor to try your product or service

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