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Build a web home for your business where your audience wants to live.

Your website is your home online. Of course you want your home to look beautiful. But a good looking space won’t keep visitors happy or coming back unless it’s also comfortable, thought out, and structurally sound.

Laptop showing We Light candles' redesigned website fullscreen.
Laptop showing Laura Beck Somatics' website fullscreen.
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Laptop showing the New Money Social Club's website fullscreen.
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Laptop showing Lub Dub Theatre Co's redesigned website fullscreen.
Phone showing Mondays in the Club's website fullscreen. Visible is the "sing with us" sign up form.
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What can we build together?

Laptop showing CalMar Construction's website fullscreen.
A home for your business online

Build a new website

Launching a new business or venture? Been working and finally getting online? Start with a strong foundation. Build a home online for your business.

iPhone showing Ladies Who Bronche's redesigned website fullscreen.
Refresh to total redesign

Renovate your website

A redesign that’s foundation deep. Renovate your online home.

Laptop showing Jordan Dann's redesigned website fullscreen.
For smaller projects

Rapid Renovation: Design Sprints

Only need a partial renovation or a web handyman? The Design Day Intensive offers you a chance to work through your wishlist in a day that’s all about your business. Plus guided preparation to make the most of your day.

Laptop showing mentalist Vinny DePonto's redesigned website fullscreen.
For professional UI designers & agencies

Development for Designers

For design pros who need a Squarespace or Webflow developer to bring their design to life.

ECP Designs offers

Strategic, beautiful web design that works for you, plus the support to make managing it a breeze.

Websites designed and built on popular platforms, like Squarespace and Webflow, that allow you to manage and handle upkeep on your website. This allows you to keep information up to date without paying extra or relying on my availability. But you won't be left unprepared — you'll have all the information and guidance you need to confidently managing and scale your web presence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me set up or manage my social media or email marketing?

While I have experience with digital marketing, specifically in the arts, there are freelancers and agencies who are more knowledgable and, crucially, more passionate about social and digital marketing than I am! (Short answer: no.)

Do you build websites from scratch?

Yes, I am a Front-End Web Developer and Designer. So I write in primarily in HTML & CSS, with some JavaScript/JQuery thrown in. I have fun coding and love to incorporate those skills into every web project I do! But I found that most small businesses, solopreneurs, artists, and organizations are best served by a website they can update themselves, without adding an in-house or contract web manager. I'd be happy to chat about your project and to assess which path would be best for you, or point you to a back-end or full stack developer who can bring your vision to life!

Do you build websites on Shopify, Wordpress, or other platforms?

While I prefer Squarespace and Webflow, occasionally I'll work with a client for whom a different platform makes more sense. I work with Cargo, Readymag, & Format. If you have an existing site on Wix, I can help with that as well. If you're on Wordpress or Shopify, I can suggest some fantastic designers who can help you!

Do you offer payment plans?

All projects are split into at least three payments. My standard is one 20% retainer payment to book, 40% on our development kick off date, and the other 40% after your site is launched. However, if you'd like to structure additional payments, just let me know and we'll work it out!

How does your pricing work?

I offer tiered pricing.

Tier I
Individuals, collectives, and causes — basically if this is a personal professional website or for a cause, this is your rate.

Tier II
Creative agencies, non-profits, and small businesses with ≤5 employees.

Tier III
Companies and businesses with 6+ employees, corporations.

Let’s build your dream (web) home