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Let’s build a website — without the stress.

Launching a new business or venture? Start out strong. Get online with a well-built web home that will attract and engage visitors.

Does this sound like you?

You had grand plans to DIY but the amount of work it takes is too much for your schedule.

There's a gap between what you envision for your website and what you can accomplish on your own, especially when it comes to the technical stuff.

You've been procrastinating or just feeling overwhelmed at launching your website — you'd like a professional to take the stress out of the process.

You know what you need your website to do, but not how to make that a reality.

The Process

You need a well-built, easy-to-manage website that looks great, too. Here’s how we get there.



Prepare & Share


Get clear on the purpose and content of your website first. Prepare and share your content & provide additional information. Gather and optimizing copy and all assets for your website.


Survey your business, brand, and your target audience.

Gather & Prepare your Materials

Get your content in order. Optimize copy and all assets for your website.





It’s time to draw up the plans, designing a cohesive whole while paying attention to the key purpose of each page.

Strategize & Organize

Strategically designed site architecture — the underlying organization of your website's content — following SEO & UX best practices.





Fleshing out the structural plan into a full design. We’ll ideate, iterate, and hone key page designs to present at our kickoff call. Two rounds of revisions included. Then we’ll work up full site mockups so we can handle notes before building begins.


Initial design ideation. Iterating designs following our strategy.

Key Page Design

Design key page mockup to share on our kickoff call.

Full website design

Fleshing out the structural plan into a full design.





Construction begins. The initial web build will bring the mockups to life. Refinement comes next, wrapping up all the detail work that goes into an accessible, search engine optimized website.

Initial build

Developing the full site mockups into an initial site build. Additional responsiveness incorporated.

Revisions & Refinement

Revisions on interactions and responsiveness, plus testing, & underlying technical adjustments.





We’re ready to go live and for you to move in and take control.

Launch Call

We'll launch your new website live on a video call.


You'll receive custom training videos & guides to help you manage your site with ease.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance check-ins and troubleshooting for 30 days post-launch.

What's Included

Your brand new web home includes:

Design & development of new website

Design of up to 8 unique pages

including blog / portfolio / database template.

Mobile responsive design that looks great on every device.

(Up to) Two Rounds of Revisions for each design milestone.

Built on Squarespace or Webflow

Web development, using custom code to support and enhance design on Squarespace or Webflow.

Designed & built following best practices for:
  • on-page and technical optimization for search (SEO)
  • web accessibility (WCAG 2.2 conformant design)
  • UX (user experience)
Domain Set Up or Transfer

Guides and training every step of the way

Deep Dive Discovery Questionnaire

Project Dashboard & Content Inventory

Guides on SEO, Web Accessibility, & Glossary of Web Jargon

Content Preparation Guides & Copy Prompts

Platform Selection Guidance

1-Hour Strategy Session

Training Videos & Guides

Quality Assurance checks & troubleshooting for 30 days after launch


6-10 weeks from all assets (copy, media) being received.

Get an instant estimate

Instant Quote Calculator
New Money Social Club screencapture of part of the homepage design.

Eden Connelly Tallarico, New Money Social Club

“…The part I enjoyed the most was when you shared the "draft" with me and it was completely perfect. I felt like you caught my vibe completely and were able to just work your magic.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Does pricing include my Squarespace or Webflow subscription?

No, my pricing does not include the cost of a Squarespace or Webflow subscription, hosting fees, or any third-party membership costs, such as G-Mail, Mailchimp, or your domain name. I’ll review these costs with you, but they are additional charges to consider when looking at your budget.

How much work will I have to do?

Your input is crucial to the project, but once content is gathered, your heavy lifting is pretty much done. Here’s what you’ll be expected to do:

Answer the Discovery Questionnaire

Gather, optimize, and upload all content to your Content Inventory on Notion. A crucial part of this is providing photo credits and captions.

Provide prompt feedback

What are your rates?

I believe in being up front and transparent about pricing. I offer tiered package pricing. The tiers are based on the size of your business / company / venture.

TIER I — $3600

Individuals, sole-proprietors, solo service providers, and causes.

TIER II — $4500

Collectives, non-profits, and small businesses with 2-5 employees.

TIER III — $5400

Companies and businesses with 6+ employees, corporations, or anyone with the funds who wants to pay it forward to subsidize pro bono projects.

There are optional add-ons you can build into your custom package.

If you find these prices cost prohibitive, especially if you are trans / Two-Spirit / nonbinary, Black, Indigenous, and/or disabled, please reach out. I offer sliding scale pricing and also take on select projects pro-bono.

Do you offer payment plans?

All projects are split into at least three payments. My standard is one 20% retainer payment to book, 40% on our development kick off date, and the other 40% after your site is launched. However, if you'd like to structure additional payments, just let me know and we'll work it out!

Let's get started on your website