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Rapid Renovation

Design Day Intensive for current Squarespace users

The Design Day Intensive allows you to book a day that’s all about you. You’ll have founder Eleanor's expertise for a focused 7-hour session to tackle your Squarespace website & design to-dos. It’s a concentrated, mini-renovation. Polish, refresh, or expand your site — you’ll be amazed what we can accomplish in a day!

Does this sound like you?

You have a Squarespace website that you’re pretty happy with, but you have a wish list you don’t know how to tackle.

You’ve recently rebranded, gotten new photos or footage, and want your site to showcase them with a fresh look.

You built your website with Squarespace, but you’ve hit a wall. You know what you want but not how to get there.

You started to DIY with Squarespace and want your site reviewed and polished before you launch.

You want to make sure you're making the most of Squarespace's built-in SEO tools but reading about SEO is making your eyes glaze over.

You need to add a new element to your Squarespace site, like a shop, editorial, sales page, or resource library.

You built your site and are mostly happy, but have a few features you wish you could incorporate but don’t know how.

You've been putting off updating your website and want to just get it done already and not need to do it again for a while.

The Process

One day. Nearly endless possibilities.

Your day is yours, so the detailed breakdown will vary. I’ll be clear about what on your list we can expect to get through, but here’s the general run down from booking on. You may notice there are some steps before and after the big day itself — prep, training, and quality assurance are all included in the  Design Day Intensive package.

Strategy Call

Strategy Call

Strategy Call

Once you’ve decided the Design Day Intensive is right for you — book your day. Make sure you choose a day far enough in advance that you’ll have time to prepare. After booking, you'll be sent questions to answer and a calendar to schedule your strategy call.

The strategy call is where we'll discuss your goals in more detail — your wishlist, your priorities, and we'll get clear on what we can accomplish.





1-2 business days after our call, you'll receive a project dashboard. Your project dashboard will be your home base. It will contain your to-do list of next steps, our schedule and goals, and you can upload any assets / copy / references directly into the dashboard.

In order for me to make the most of our time on the big day, any assets and information will need to be uploaded at least 3 business days before our date. We'll put in 4 hours of prep work so we can hit the ground running.


The Big Day

The Big Day

The Big Day: Your Design Day Intensive

We’ll kick off in the morning on a zoom call where we'll touch base before the work starts.

You'll get a progress report check-in before lunch.

Depending on your needs, we may have a longer afternoon call where we work together.  

At the end of the day, you'll receive a work summary.


Training & Handoff

Training & Handoff

Training & Handoff

The day after our Intensive, you'll receive training videos to guide you through managing any features implemented and walking you through any final steps we didn’t accomplish. You'll also receive a work summary that includes any recommendations for future steps.




We offer tiered pricing based on business size.

Tier I — $1800

For solo ventures.

Tier II — $2250

For businesses, causes, and agencies with 2-5 members or employees.

Tier III — $2700

Businesses, causes, and agencies with 6+ members or employees. Corporations of any size.

What can we do in a day?

Polish or refresh design of existing Squarespace site

Trends change, platforms update, business needs shift. Whatever the reason, your website will get a professional polish with strategy in mind.

Move from Squarespace 7.0 to 7.1

Need the new features and improved SEO that comes with 7.1? Let us take the pain out of the move and make strategic improvements.

Optimize or automate workflows

Is there a part of your workflow you wish could be easier but you’re not sure how or if it can be done? We'll find out if it’s possible, present you with options, and set up integrations so your day can be a little less tedious.

Add in special features

Want to add a custom animation, interaction, or some other feature that’s beyond Squarespace’s block capabilities. Let me build it out for you!

SEO Audit & Fixes

SEO Audit, fixes of high-impact errors, and guides for how else to implement any improvements that fall outside of scope.

Restructure your site for a better user experience

An audit of your current site structure and analytics will guide an architectural clean up of your Squarespace website.

Site Audit & Polish

Get a professional eye to review and polish your site pre-launch or before a big announcement.

Expand your Site

Add an editorial, e-commerce, or a sales page.

New Money Social Club screencapture of part of the homepage design.

Eden Connelly Tallarico, New Money Social Club

“…The part I enjoyed the most was when you shared the "draft" with me and it was completely perfect. I felt like you caught my vibe completely and were able to just work your magic.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How far out should I book?

It really depends, but usually at least two weeks out. Need an SEO audit and tune up? We can collapse the preparation timeline. But the more content you need to provide, the more lead time you may want to give yourself to get it all ready. We’ll need all your content at least 3 business days ahead of your booked date so there's time to prepare. That way we can hit the ground running!

What if I need to reschedule or cancel?

You can reschedule your session pending availability.

If you cancel before the strategy call, you qualify for a full refund, minus 5% to cover fees. If you cancel after the strategy call, you will be refunded 50%.

What are your rates?

I believe in being up front and transparent about pricing. I offer tiered package pricing. The tiers are based on the size of your business / company / venture.

TIER I — $1800

Individuals, sole-proprietors, solo service providers, and causes.

TIER II — $2250

Collectives, non-profits, and small businesses with 2-5 employees.

TIER III — $2700

Companies and businesses with 6+ employees, corporations, or anyone with the funds who wants to pay it forward to subsidize pro bono projects.

There are optional add-ons you can build into your custom package.

If you find these prices cost prohibitive, especially if you are trans / Two-Spirit / nonbinary, Black, Indigenous, and/or disabled, please reach out. I offer sliding scale pricing and also take on select projects pro-bono.

What if I’m not in your time zone?

I’m based in Brooklyn, but I’ve worked with clients across the country and across the ocean. We can work it out, we just might adjust our schedule a bit. Just let me know!

What if I’m not on Squarespace or Webflow? Can you still rework my website?

Depending on the platform or how it’s built, yes. I work on Cargo, ReadyMag, Squarespace, Webflow, and Wix. I don’t work on Wordpress or Shopify at present. If you’re looking for help on one of these platforms, reach out.

What if we run out of time?

I’ll be very clear about what we can expect to get done, especially if you have a lengthy wish list. But if we do run out of time I will provide training to guide you through wrapping up or I can wrap up at my usual hourly rate.

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