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Crafting well-built web homes you can grow in — from foundation to finishings.

When your website is designed and built with a strong foundation, you live online comfortably. Whether you’re looking to build something new, redecorate or renovate your current website, we’ll make sure your website is the home your audience wants to spend time in — accessible, easy to navigate, and visually stunning.

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Intentionally-built websites that

grow with you.

Plus training & guides to make upkeep a breeze.

A home for your business online

Build a new website

Launching a new business or venture? Been working and finally getting online? Start with a strong foundation. Build a home online for your business.

Refresh to total redesign

Renovate your website

A redesign that’s foundation deep. Renovate your online home.

For smaller projects

Rapid renovation: design sprints

Only need a partial renovation or a web handyman? The Design Day Intensive offers you a chance to work through your wishlist in a day that’s all about your business. Plus guided preparation to make the most of your day.

About the Founder

Meet your web architect.

Hi, I’m Eleanor and I’m your designer, developer, and project strategist. I love spreadsheets, coffee, and building accessible websites with strong architecture.

Photo by Julia Anrather

Eleanor Philips, founder Good Foundations Studio, sits on a chair. They have short brown hair and are wearing a funky sweater and gold velvet pants.

Let’s build your dream (web) home